Whistler Blackcomb Adventure

Digressing Already

Look at me…

This is supposed to be a blog about design, this is only my second or third post, and my scatter brained self is already getting the best of me. I thought I would last longer than this but I guess not.

Yes, I’m breaking off of what I set out to do a little bit today… I’m going to talk about a little personal story, but I promise I’ll divert back to something about design, creativity or inspiration by the end of the post. =) I just really had to document and share this story. I want to get this post down as a way to keep myself accountable to heading back to Whistler someday to do some snowboarding.

Work Trip To Whistler

As part of work, we took a company trip over to Vancouver BC, Canada for a couple days for a conference. The first day was in Vancouver, but the bulk of the conference took place in the lovely city of Whistler.

Whistler is one of the top ski and snowboard resorts in the world. It was actually voted best resort in North America. a couple years in a row, I heard. Maybe it was best ski resort in North America.

I’m a snowboard person myself and I would have loved get some time on the slopes. Unfortunately at the time we went, the ski/snowboard season wasn’t open yet, although there was already a lot of fresh snow up there. We didn’t have much time to ourselves anyway, so I wouldn’t have gotten to get some snowboarding time in if I wanted to. After spending some time here though and just taking in all the beauty, I really want to come back to explore the slopes.

The slopes where I’m from don’t compare to the huge selection of lifts, ski runs and facilities that they have at Whistler and Blackcomb. I can definitely see why Whistler/Blackcomb is rated one of the best in North America.

I landed at Vancouver International Airport (YVR) late at night and I got picked up by a limo to take me to my hotel. Really great limo company by the way. I was impressed by the great service from my driver. I’ve been driven around in limos in the past, but this experience stood out. The chauffeur was really polite, well dressed, fun to talk to and the limo inside was really clean. Thanks to KJ Limousine in Vancouver for the service! (I’ll remember to call them up when I come back to visit, hehe.)

After a good night’s rest, a group of us got picked up again by KJ Limousine for the scenic drive to Whistler.

I’d like to just say that the drive to Whistler is gorgeous. Once you get on the highway, there are no (or very few) stops all the way to Whistler and it’s all overlooking the water for the most part. Thankfully there wasn’t any snow on the highway, as I can imagine that can get quite treacherous really fast.

We pulled up to our hotel and where the conference would be held at the Four Seasons. The Four Seasons is beautiful. It’s more than I’d like to pay for myself when I come back to visit, but I really did enjoy my time there.

When we arrived, it was straight to the conference room for a day of learning.

The learning isn’t what I want to talk about in this post though. The things that I really want to remember (not that I don’t enjoy my work or anything), are the few moments when we were walking around Whistler Village and the view of the mountains was just absolutely incredible!

Majestic Mountains

Where I live, there are mountains but they are not nearly as majestic and I live quite a ways away from the mountain. But in Whistler, being able to step right out of the hotel and be just a few minutes’ walk away from the foot of the mountain is really something else.

Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera with me. Even if I did, I doubt I or my camera would be able to do the experience of the view any justice whatsoever. I was able to find a couple pictures online that somewhat capture the feel of being there a little bit. Nothing like being there in person though.

* The pictures below are not taken by me and I take no credit for them.  I found them somewhere on the internet.  I would add credits for them but I can’t find the pages I got them from.

We were there for just a handful of days and it was pure magic every time I stepped out into the crisp air, admiring those magnificent slopes. Although there were no people on the slopes, since the season hadn’t opened yet, I could just imagine how much fun it would be to spend a whole week exploring all of the many runs that are available for the taking.

I’m determined to make my way back to Whistler/Blackcomb, spend at least a week here, go over the Peak2Peak gondola and just have the time of my life.

Tying this back to being inspired and creative… being able to experience the beauty and majesty of those mountains has been a solid source of inspiration for me. Modern society has a lot of people cooped up indoors all the time. Getting to experience nature like that for “indoor” people like myself is an experience to say the least.

What sources of inspiration has nature given you recently?

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