Swiper Unmasked and Revealed

I know this is really off topic but for my blog, but I found this hilarious and I just had to post it.

My little niece is a huge fan of Dora. I would know, because I watch a lot of Dora on TV with her. I’ve also pretty much read every single Dora book in existence. My niece borrows every single door book she can get her hands on from the library and I’ve read every single one to her for bedtime story time, so I know all the characters inside out.

Pictured above is, of course, Swiper the fox. He is, in fact my favourite character in the series. Who wouldn’t love this sneaky little guy? My niece is a little bit of a serious goody-goody and doesn’t approve of Swiper and his mischievous antics. I, on the other hand, think he’s the best.

My nephew, who was read Dora books when he was little, claims to not like Dora, although I’m sure he probably still does deep down. He was the one that made the picture above. Quite impressive and skilled for such a youngster. I think the fact that he made the picture proves that you still likes Dora.

When he showed it to my niece, her reaction was priceless. I wish I caught it on video but I didn’t. She first let out a huge gasp followed by a cry of victory and a triumph.

I looked online to see if there were any pictures of Swiper without his mask. I was surprised when I had a hard time finding anything. Since there didn’t appear to be anything online showing Swiper without his mask, I told my nephew that he should make it into a funny little meme picture and post it around the internet to see what kind of reaction it gets.

He made it look like one of those meme pictures, but he was too lazy to go and find places to post it, so he asked me if I could do it. So here I am and there it is.


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