The Pursuit of Excellence

My mother told me to always do my best, no matter what I was doing.

She always said that nothing’s really worth doing unless you’re doing it to a high level of excellence.  Sure, it’s ok to dabble with hobbies here and there… and do things quickly to get things done in a timely manner.  But with your passions and the things you’re going to do in life for the long term… the things that you devote your life’s work to achieving… do it with excellence.  Strive to be that one percent of one percent.  It’s those people that are remembered, recognized, and make a lasting impact on the world; a lasting legacy.

A jolt of inspiration always shoots into my being whenever I’m confronted with an example of utter excellence.  To see someone achieve such a high level of skill, perfection, finesse… is always such a breathe of fresh air in a world where so many dream just to be average and mediocre.

These jolts of inspiration come to me a lot especially when I’m watching the Olympics or professional athletes playing at their best.  These people have devoted their lives, pushing the boundaries of what the human body can do.

Another area I see this is in musicians, mastering the bond between their bodies and their instrument, coming together to produce one sound, one song.

This is going to sound funny when you see what I have to show you, but what I saw today gave me one of those inspirational jolts and compelled me to share this on my blog.

It’s not the typical place you would expect to discover excellence, but is without a doubt, a level of excellence beyond what I have seen before in the area it was achieved in.

I’ll stop beating around the bush and show you the vid.  And you can tell me what you think afterwards:

See… I told you it was an odd place to find excellence, and an odd thing to be excellent at.  But heck, it just blew me away.  I had no idea that level of excellence was even possible in arcade basketball.

Imagine the number of balls that man must have thrown to get to the level that he’s at.  Image the hours of practice.

For goodness sakes, he shoots with both hands and shoots with only one hand!

With his non-dominant hand only, he’d still probably rank in the one percent of one percent of people.

I don’t care if it’s just arcade basketball.  Sure, he could have and should have spent that time and energy doing something more beneficial to the world…  But when you witness something like that, it’s just incredible.  It shows me that so much more is possible.  It moves me to want to achieve more and to do it at a higher level.

Weird blog post today, folks… but I hope I’ve struck a cord in you to go for excellence.

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