Hello There

Well, hello there.

This is my very first post and I’m looking forward to getting this blog up and running.

As I said in my about page, this site is going to be a growing collection of articles, ideas, interesting concepts that I come across and want to discuss and/or make a note of for a future time. I also want this growing collection to be a resource that can help people to get out of some creative blocks and be inspired to move forward in their projects, whatever it may be.

This whole blogging and web site thing is pretty new to me, so please bear with me and let’s enjoy this journey together.

Thanks to my friend “J” for helping me get this site set up. I’m truly thankful and without his help this would not be possible.

I know this is the first post and there’s really nothing on the site yet, but I would like to meet and get to know some of my readers, because I know that if you’re reading my blog, then we likely have some common interests and we’ll get along just fine.

As you may know I’m a pretty private person, but it’s a little difficult to carry on a personal tone without having some sort of pen name, or name to refer to myself with. I’m currently too uncomfortable with putting my real name out there publicly… So from this point on, I’m going to be referring to myself as “Lisa”.

Stay tuned!


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