Vancouver Sightseeing How I Love Thee

Vancouver, as you might know, is one of my favorite cities in the world.  Of all the traveling I’ve done, Vancouver is way up there on the list of places I just love.

Vancouver is one of the most dynamic, cosmopolitan and multicultural cities in the world.

There’s so much to do in Vancouver and the city offers a ton in entertainment, shopping, eating, activities and more.

One of the places I make sure I pass through when I visit is the seawall, which is this gorgeous path in downtown Vancouver with the water on one side and the famous Stanley park on the other.

Downtown Vancouver is just a short 20 min train or drive north from YVR Vancouver International Airport.  Here’s another shameless plug for my go-to Vancouver Airport meet & greet.

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Some of my favorite things to do in Vancouver include snowboarding on Grouse or Cypress mountain (or Whistler, which is pretty close by), kayaking and biking the Seawall.

The people in Vancouver are super friendly and are quite active outdoors whether they’re running, hiking or swimming.  This surprises me a little bit considering the often rainy weather in Vancouver.  They often get made fun of for it, but generally, people in Vancouver are very polite and open.  There’s a vibe of health, wellbeing and activity in Vancouver.

Let’s talk about the scenery.  Few other places in the world do you have the ocean and beaches so close to the mountains.  This makes for some remarkable views from people’s homes and really just anywhere in the city.

This also means that you can go skiing, surfing and golfing and finish the day off at a great seafood restaurant all in the same day.  There are other options for activity including boating, kayaking, fishing, helicopter tours, etc.

Two more places I want to talk about.  First, there’s Gastown.  Historically, Gastown is where development of the area began many many years back.  That’s where the first saloon in the area was set up and from there, the rest of Vancouver as we know it today was developed.  The small district maintains some of its old-time charm with cobble stone streets and old historic buildings.  In Gastown there are a lot of fantastic places to eat and a lot of interesting shops.  I love the environment and ambiance in Gastown, especially at night after a great dinner.

Second is Granville Island.  This little gem is sandwiched in between downtown Vancouver and metro Vancouver to the south.  There, you’ll find a lot of unique shops with hand-made creative handmade goods.  There’s also the public market with amazing local food.  Again, there’s tons of great restaurants in Granville Island.  After getting a bite to eat, you can check out some of the live theater shows or browse the artisan shops set up all over the “island”.  It looks like an island, but is connected to the mainland by a small stretch of land—so it’s technically a peninsula.

I love you Vancouver.  See you again soon. =)

Some lovely Vancouver photos below: